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When you give to B. H. Carroll, you are helping us equip ministry leaders and strengthening communities!

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Equipping Ministry Leaders. Strengthening Communities.

As Christmas approaches, I think about the many gifts that I’ve received over the years from family and friends. We’re incredibly grateful to God for the greatest gift - JESUS!

We’re thankful for you being an integral part of the B. H. Carroll Theological Institute family and for investing in the students. One of those students, Erin, recently shared how her Carroll experience is positively impacting her life and family:

…I found out about B. H. Carroll and learned there was hope that God had provided a doorway for us to be able to continue this higher education through a school that would allow online classes and with the cost of having four children and we live on one income…your donations make it possible and I can’t begin to thank you for your support.

When you financially support B. H. Carroll you are providing hope in the name of Jesus for students like Erin and the communities where they serve. As students earn their degrees from B. H. Carroll, you are helping to reach generations with the Gospel!

During this Advent season I ask you to consider making a gift over and above your regular giving. Your generosity will help provide:

  • Scholarships for international students – Kindred Scholars to preach the gospel in Vietnam, Cuba, China, and Russia
  • Scholarships for students in the U.S. for their seminary education
  • Technology and curriculum to deliver accredited, affordable and accessible theological higher education

Today give a gift and it will be used where most needed. For your gift to be included in 2019 giving please donate by midnight on Tuesday, December 31st.

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